Is chris Johnson in Madden 08?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is chris Johnson in Madden 08?
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When was Chris Johnson - boxer - born?

Chris Johnson - boxer - was born on 1971-08-08.

Who should be a third down running back in madden ultimate team?

Chris Johnson or Michael Turner

Can you sprint in madden 11?

In ps3 you can turn auto sprint and use r2 or just be chris Johnson

When was Chris Madden born?

Chris Madden was born on 1978-10-27.

Does Madden 08 PC have franchise mode?

Yes madden 08 does have a franchise.

Is madden 08 old?

madden '10 is out

Where is madden 11 cheats?

Run with Chris Johnson out of bounds on all pro and it will work so you can get 7 points really quick(he has to be on the bengals)

What madden can you play the 2007 patriots?

Madden 08

Who is faster devin Hester or chris Johnson?

Chris Johnson is faster!

Will Madden NFL 08 be on GameCube?

yes it did madden 09 did not

Who is the fastest player on madden 12?

Chris Johnson! He plays running back of the Titans! His speed is 99!

Who is better Lt or chris Johnson?

chris Johnson