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Matt Ryan is going into the NFL Draft. He might be going into the Ravens as their first pick.

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Q: Is Matt Ryan still on the BC football team in 2008?
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What sport is Matt Ryan known for playing?

Matt Ryan is the quarterback for a team known as the Atlanta Falcons. He currently is drafted for the National Football League and has been since 2008.

Should we start Matt Ryan or Mike Vick for fantasy football?

Matt Ryan

Who is the quarterback for the 2008 Atlanta Falcons?

Matt Ryan

When was football player Matt Ryan born?

May 17, 1985

Who is the football 2008 rookie of the year?

Offensive: Matt Ryan QB, Atlanta Falcons Defensive: Jerod Mayo LB, New England Patriots In_My_Tree888

What is the value of a 2008 Matt Ryan card 3?


Who will be the first rookie chosen in most 2008 Fantasy Football drafts?

Whoops. Did I put LT? lol..I meant most likely Darren McFadden or Matt Ryan.

Who is better in football drew bresses or Matt Ryan?

Drew Brees by far

Who would you start Kerry Collins or Matt Ryan this Sunday's fantasy football game?


Who is better Matt Ryan or joe flacco?

Joe Flacco has way better arm strength, he is bigger, he can get away from defenders better and Matt Ryan has better WRs to work with. I pick Flacco over Ryan. Matt Ryan is still good though.

Who are the biggest sport stars in 2008?

Matt Ryan from the altanta falcons Micheal phelps

Which NFL quarterback wore number 2?

Matt Ryan, Tim Couch