Is John Cena retired

Updated: 9/27/2023
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no he is still in the WWE

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Q: Is John Cena retired
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Is john cena retired from wwe?


Why John Cena leave WWE?

He retired

Will john cena join Triple H in DX?

no cena wont join dx.and anyway hhh will get retired after some time. John Cena is a associate member.

Who did Batista retire from WWE?

it was cause of john cena that he retired from wwe

What DOES John Cena do after retiring from WWE?

he hasn't retired nor did he get fired, he is still with WWE

Will the rock challenge john cena for the WWE title?

No.The Rock is now retired but is a movie star.

John Cena do in his childhood?

john cena listed to hiphop and would wrestle with his brothers in the back yard.when his dad asked him what do you want to be when you grow up? cena would say worlds champion.john cena is propaly the most best wrestler in the wwe since ric flair retired.

Has john cena Retired WWE 2012 after extreme rules or will he be back?

Not really it was only a thank u speech

Who will end john cenas career?

To be Honest, it will be CM Punk. he ended Hardy's career, so why not end Cena's career. John Cena Debut: 2002(december 21) Retired: 2079(July 8)

Batista vs John cena?

John Cena and Batista have had a few matches against one another. The most notable of them was an I Quit match for the WWE Title. Batista said "I Quit" when John cena was going to "AA" him for a second time on a Car. Incidentally, Batista retired from WWE, the subsequent night on RAW.

Who is John Cena's dad?

John Cena sr.

Is Brock Lesner in MMA?

after lesners return to wwe he faced john cena and triple h then he retired from mma and wwe