How red cards has John Terry received?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Q: How red cards has John Terry received?
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Prem club most red cards 07 08?

Chelsea Received 6 red cards

How many red cards has Marco materazzi gotten in his career international and club?

Actually before becoming a professional footballer he had received 21 yellow cards and 15 red cards, then after signing on as a pro-footballer to this date he has received 28 red cards and 58 yellow cards.

What team received the most red cards in 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Four teams tied for having the most red cards: Algeria, Australia, Brazil, and Uruguay. Each team received two red cards.

How many red cards was there in 1998 -1999 in the premier league season?

8 red cards to John Obey.

Player That never received red cards?

There would be hundreds of players who never received red cards. But Gary Lineker, the famous England international and ex- Spurs player was never booked in his career.

Did England player Michael Owen get yellow cards and red cards?

Michael Owen has received 2 yellow cards in his professional career, he has never received a red card. His two yellow cards were both during international matches, he has never been booked in any domestic games.

How many red cards has kaka have?

Kaka has only received one red card, that was in the world cup.

Which premiership club received the most red cards last season?


How many red cards have Arsenal received under Arsene Wenger?


Did Leo Messi ever get a red or yellow card in soccer?

Of course he has received 1 or more yellow and red cards. Yes

Which country has received the most red cards in the history of the FIFA World Cup?

Brazil retains the unwanted record of receiving the most red cards in FIFA World Cup history with 11 red cards followed by Argentina at 10.

Which footballers in premiership have received 7 red cards?

Duncan Ferguson & Patrick Viera