How much does Judy Finnegan weigh?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: How much does Judy Finnegan weigh?
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What is Judy Finnegan's birthday?

Judy Finnegan was born on May 16, 1948.

When was Judy Finnegan born?

Judy Finnegan was born on May 16, 1948.

How much does NFL player Cortland Finnegan weigh?

NFL player Cortland Finnegan weighs 179 pounds.

How old is Richard madely and judy finnegan?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Women of Substance - 1998?

The cast of Women of Substance - 1998 includes: Susan Brookes as Guest Lynsey De Paul as Presenter Judy Finnigan as Judy Finnegan Diana Moran as Guest Claudia Winkleman as Guest

How much did judy garland weigh when she stared in the in wizard of oz?

She was 4"11 and weighed about 110 pounds while filming though she used to weigh 155 pounds

What is the birth name of Christian Finnegan?

Christian Finnegan's birth name is Fletcher Christian Finnegan.

Is John Finnegan married?

John Finnegan is married

What is the name of John Finnegan's wife?

Kathleen Finnegan

When did James A. Finnegan die?

James A. Finnegan died in 1958.

When was Callum Finnegan born?

Callum Finnegan was born in 1962.

When was George Finnegan born?

George Finnegan was born in 1881.