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Q: How much ATP is used by a long distance runner per minute?
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How much distance does the runner cover in 16 minutes?

Suppose a runner covers a distance of 5322 feet in a 6 minutes and 11,531 feet in 13 minutes. So how much distance does the runner cover in 16 minutes?

ABC Telephone has a special long distance telephone rate The first 10 minutes of a call cost 0.15 per minute Each additional minute is only 0.05 a minute How much would a 35 minute call cost?

2.75 (A+)

Who is fitter a 400m runner or a half marathon runner?

That depends on your definition of fit and the athletes at question. For example, if the 400m runner is Jeremy Warner and the half marathoner is an overweight man that only trains 3 days a week, the 400m runner would be much fitter. In general a half marathoner will be much fitter than a 400m runner in aerobic fitness but slightly weaker in anaerobic fitness. So it depends what your definition of fit is. I am a long distance runner, so my opinion is biased, but I believe that a half marathoner is fitter than a 400m runner for many reasons. Usually long distance runners are much leaner due to the excessive amount of long distance runs they do on a weekly basis. Half marathoners also do a fair amount of speed work and weights, which ensures that their neuromuscular fitness is sufficient to allow them to take advantage of their aerobic fitness. Because of this the half marathoner would be much closer to a 400m runner in a 400 than the 400m runner would be to the half marathoner in a half marathon. When I say closer, I mean percentage wise because it would be unfair to compare them by time difference due to the distance discrepancy between the two events. The half marathon would allow for a much bigger time difference than the 400 due to the distance discrepancy. I hope this information helps you decide which athlete is the most fit!

How much does it cost to make a long distance call to Mexico?

It can be very expensive, but it does depend on your telephone carrier and the plan you've taken.

The snail race is 10 meters long Sammy snail travels 15 cm in the first minute and 112 mm in the second minute how much further must Sammy go?

Total distance 10 m. Distance travelled 0.15 + 0.112 = 0.262, leaving 9.738 m to go

How long is a minute?

One minute is 60 seconds. However, perception-wise, a minute can feel much longer.

How much is long-distance calling to Pakistan?

Calling Long-Distance in general can vary depending on many factors. For example, depending on the phone plan set up by an individuals respective phone carrier, the individual may have unlimited international or long-distance calls at a set rate per month. Other's may pay a standard fee per long-distance call depending on the location. Another option is to use a phone long-distance calling card which is for Pakistan, $3 = 140 minutes. For individuals who have no set plan or calling card, prices can vary from 5.9 cents per minute to dollars per minute.

If the long distance telephone rate is 54 cents for the first minute and 22 cents for each additional How much does a ten minute call cost?

A ten-minute call will cost $2.52 in total. 1 x 54 = 54 and 9 x 22 = 198, 54+198 = 252

How much distance will light travel in a minute?

Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second and so 186,000*60 = 11,160,000 miles in a minute

How much time it takes for an inidvidual to complete one mile?

It varies depending on the individuals personal skill set. An olympic mile runner can run this distance in just a little over 4 minutes. However a 7-8 minute mile is considered to be a good pace for a normal adult.

How much running do you do in High School for Track and Field?

I'm a distance runner and I average around 40 miles per week.

How much money did Runner Runner gross worldwide?

Runner Runner grossed $62,616,646 worldwide.