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Q: How many points has pau gasol scored his whole carrier?
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How many points has Kobe Bryant scored in a whole game?


What is lebrons high school achievements?

he scored 3,000 points his whole life.

How are the averages worked out in the game of darts?

An average in darts is simply worked out by : points scored (divided by) darts thrown. This is used for a whole game, so say in one leg you checked out, you would have scored 501 points, but if you lost a leg and were still on 101 you would only have scored 400 points.

When a defensive touchdown is scored does the offense get credit for the extra point or does the defence get credited with the whole 7 points?

The defense gets credited with six points because they scored the touchdown and they didn't kick the extra point.

How many points does Kobe have in his whole career without playoffs and all-star games?

After 38 games of the 2007-08 season, Kobe Bryant had scored 20,347 regular season points.

How any points has lebron James scored in his whole career?

Lebron has 12118 in his NBA career. A cool fact is that he's the youngest player to reach 10,000.

Which batsman has scored maximum runs in whole world?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored maximum runs in the whole world.

How many goals have Chelsea scored this season?

they currently have 80 points with two matches left to play

How do you score gymnastics?

gymnastics is scored out of 10 points. a fall counts for a half a point or sometimes a whole point. unpointed toes are about up to .3 points off. If you have all the needed components in your routine u start with a 10,......and the mistakes made in your routine are points deducted from your score

Who has scored the most runs in their whole career?

=== === === ===

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored on his whole Liverpool FC career?

He has scored about 77.

How many goals has Frank Lampard scored in his whole career?

Lampard has scored 126 goals.