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Q: How many home playoffs games has Tim duncan lost?
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What NFL teams lost their first three games and made the playoffs?


How many times has the patriots win in 1999?

They won 8 games and lost 8 games and did not make the playoffs.

How many teams lost their last three games and still made the nfl playoffs?


Why did the cowboys miss the playoffs?

They lost seven of their first eight games, and never recovered from the bad start.

When was the last time the Colorado avalanche were in the Stanley cup playoffs?

The last time the Avalanche made the playoffs was in 2010. They lost to the San Jose Sharks in six games.

Were the Yankees in the playoffs in 2002?

Yes. The New York Yankees were in the playoffs in 2002. The Yankees lost to the Angels in the American League division series 3 games to 1.

Did the New York Yankees make it into the playoffs in 2007?

Yes. The Yankees made the playoffs in 2007 and lost in the Division Series against the Cleveland Indians 3 games to 1.

How many games did the Atlanta Falcons win in the season of 2011?

They won 10 of their 16 games, they made it to the playoffs that year but lost to the New York Giants

How many times have the Bengals made it to the playoffs since 1989?

The Cincinnati Bengals made the playoffs 6 times since 1989. They have lost all six wildcard round games that they have played in during that period.

Who did the Colorado Rockies play in the 2009 playoffs?

In the 2009 N.L. Division Series, the Rockies lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 3 games to 1.

How many games has Brett Favre lost?

110. 100 during the regular season (169-100) and 10 in the playoffs (12-10)

What is meant by playoffs that Cowboys won?

The playoffs are held after the regular season in any given year (including Super Bowl appearances). As of the 2014 season, the Dallas Cowboys have won 34 playoff games and lost 26.