Best Answer takes 23 decades and 1 second

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Q: How long does it take for a pair of shoes to order on eastbaycom?
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Can one order size 13 from Bostonian Shoes?

"If one would want to order a pair size 13 shoes from Bostonian Shoes, one would be able to do so. A pair of size 13 shoes are available from Bostonian Shoes."

Where can I find shoes in size 11.5?

I'm sure you can order a pair on the internet.

Where is Bella ballerina shoes at?

There are Bella ballerina shoes at stride rite and other kids' stores. If not, you can order a pair on amazon.

6 things you can were on your feet?

-- a pair of tennis shoes -- a pair of dress shoes -- a pair of socks

Where you can get a pair of Carrou shoes in Cornwall?

Where you can get a pair of Carrou shoes in Manchester

What is collective noun for shoes?

The collective noun for shoes is a pair.

Should I buy a pair of cheap running shoes?

This really depends on if you exercise a lot. If you do, I suggest that you buy a pair of better running shoes, which will save you more money in the long term.

What are his reasons for wanting a new pair of shoes?

His old pair of shoes was broken ?

How many shoes are there in a pair?

There are two shoes in a pair, one for each foot.

Where was the first pair of shoes made?

They were made long before there was writing, so there are no records.

Where do I go to get a pair of customized Nike running shoes for myself?

It is difficult and expensive to get a pair of customized Nike running shoes. This is not something that you can walk into a mass merchandiser and order. You must purchase these at an athletic specialty shop.

There are two shoe stores in a small town. Store A is selling a pair of running shoes for 39.50. If it costs Store A 40 to order this pair of shoes from the factory then what is store A doing?

this store is practicing predatory pricing