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Football players help the community usually by donating to the food bank, raising money for the red cross, and sometimes picking up litter. Though some football players don't help the community at all.

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Q: How does football players help the community?
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How Major League Baseball players are important to the community?

Lots of ways! Baseball is America's pastime.. it's our sport. Not football, not basketball.. but baseball. It's the brand of the USA. Baseball players also help out with the community by donating a lot of their time and money to charities, and making charities themselves.

How does ballet help football players?

Ballet helps football players by getting better at their movement and foot techneque.

What do professionnal soccer players do?

play football and help children in needed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why football players use studds(friction)?

The studs help to avoid the football player from slipping on the damp turf when playing a game of football.

Who on the Philadelphia Phillies helps the Community?

almost all of the players do something to help the community. chase utley and his wife are very involved with the SPCA. other players, such as jimmy rollins and jamie moyer, host events to benefit various charties, which all the other players attend. so basically, they all help the community.

What kind of education do you get from NBA players?

You can learn from them how to be a great teammate and how to help out in your community.

How much does a pro football player make a moth?

0, moth's don't receive any help from football players

Is it true that professional football players are required to take ballet?

I don't think that it is required but i believe many football players do ballet because it is a good way to become more flexible. Being flexible can help out with their football.

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football players make more money

Who would win in a football game football players or gymnastic people?

football players da

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Football players run more then baseball players.When football players score they get 6/7points.Baseball players get only 1/2/3/4points.