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I get chest pains sometimes when i do my sport, what i do is i either stop and take a few breaths and a quick break or if im at a swim meet u pull through it and it goes away.

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basically a heart attack affects sporting performance because if your fibia and tibula snap in half a heart attack will shut down everything in your body

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Q: How does a heart attack affect sports performance?
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Why does a heart attack affect sport?

heart attacks affect an athlete's performance. Obviously if the heart stops, then it stops pumping blood and oxygen throughout the body which will cause the athlete's performance -and life- to cease.

What sports do you get a heart attack in?

in soccer

How does a heart attack affect you when playing sport?

well, a heart attack can affect you in sport because of your face.

What tissue does a heart attack affect?


How does a heart attack affect your body?

your heart can stop all together

Does sports drinks affect the heart rate?

coke cola does effect your heart rate from all the caffeine in the drink. it makes your heart beat even faster

How do smoknig affect sport performance?

It can affect the amount of air absorbed by the lungs due to the coating of the lungs from the various toxins and chemicals inhaled. This can lead to shortening of breath and maybe even heart attack/palpitations.

How can McDonald's affect your heart rate?

fatning foods

How does heart attack affect the life of the people?

A heart attack can kill people. Sometimes people are not allowed to do certain things invade they have another heart attack. Sent from my iPad.

What diseases will you avoid if you play sports?

Heart Attack (not cardiac arrset)

What sports trigger heart attacks?

Sports themselves do not trigger heart attacks. If anything, regularly participating in sports could prevent heart attacks. However, if you are going to have a heart attack, any activity that raises your pulse rate and strain on the heart may trigger it. Check with your doctor to see which activities your heart is strong enough for. If you think you are about to have a heart attack, stop activity and get help right away.

How does smoking affect the likeihood a person will have a heart attack?