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Q: How does Terry Fox emphasize the power of one?
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Does terry fox have any children?

terry fox

Where terry fox lived?

Terry fox lived in Canada where he ran the marathon with one leg

Where can one participate in the Terry Fox Run?

One can participate in the Terry Fox Run by visiting their website. There you can look for events near to you and register to run one in one of their many events.

Who accompanied Terry Fox on his run?

From what I know, Darrel Fox (one of Terry's brothers) and Doug Alward (Terry's best friend) were the ones that accompanied him. There may, however, have been more people.

Who is one of the Canadian heros?

Terry fox is a hero because he ran a race with one leg.

What city did Terry Fox get cancer?

The one leg city

What did terry fox teach us?

Terry Fox taught us to always try your best , never give up and always put your effort into everything you do and remember everything is possible

How much is Canadian one dollar terry Fox coin worth?


Setbacks for Terry Fox?

he had to leave his family and it was difficult for him to run with one leg

When did Terry Fox start playing handicapped basketball?

terry fox started running in 1963he started his run on september 1 1980

How many Terry Fox statues are there in total?

4 statues of Terry Fox one in thunder bay,Ottawa,beacon hill park in british Columbia Victoria,Simon fraser university

Who wrote Terry Fox a true story?

no one because that's not what it's called