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Q: How does Eric birling and Eva smith meet?
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How did Eric Birlling meet Eva Smith?

He met eva at the palace bar, he used her as an end to his drunken night, :D

Why did sheila birling in inspector calls fire Eva smith?

The reason for this is because she feels sorry for Eva Smith the unsatisfied worker who committed satisfied.

Why did Mr birling get Eva smith sacked?

Mr. Birling got Eva Smith sacked because she was one of the ringleaders in a strike for higher wages at his factory, which he saw as being unreasonable. He felt that she was setting a bad example for the other workers and decided to let her go.

What did mr birling say when Eva smith asked for a pay rise?

“She’d had a lot to say – far too much – so she had to go”

Do Gerald croft and sybil birling take advantage of there social position whilst dealing with Eva smith in the play an inspector calls?

Yes they do Yes they do

Who is responsible for eva smiths death in inspector calls?

the Birling Family together

When does Gerald croft meet Eva smith in the play An Inspector Calls?

Gerald groft meets Eva smith at the palace bar, however she says her name is Daisy Renton

How do the characters from An Inspector Calls compare to the Seven Deadly Sins?

All of the characters represent at least one of the deadly sins, some representing more than one. Mr Birling represents greed because he sacked one of his employees, Eva Smith, just to save a few shillings. He also represents pride because he didn't want his name and business being tarnished because of one girl. Mrs Birling represents wrath as she is angry at Eva Smith for using her name, in what she thinks is a spiteful way. She could also represent pride as she is proud of her name and does not want anyone else using her name without good reason. Sheila represents envy as she is angry at Eva Smith for laughing at her, and she represents wrath for the same reason. Eric represents gluttony as he has become an alcoholic; he is drinking far too much. He also represents sloth as he does not work for the money he gives to Eva Smith, and instead resorts to stealing it from his father's business. Gerald represents lust as he fancies Eva Smith, and although he is in a relationship with Sheila, he still embarks on a sexual relationship with another woman, being Eva Smith. Therefore you can see the connection between the characters in An Inspector Calls and the Seven Deadly Sins.

How does Sheila Birling change throughout 'An Inspector Calls?

Sheila Birling changes from a naive, self-centered young woman at the beginning of the play to a more mature and socially conscious individual by the end. She learns to take responsibility for her actions and shows empathy towards others, especially towards Eva Smith. Sheila's transformation is symbolized by her willingness to accept blame for her part in Eva's death and her commitment to change her behavior in the future.

Why is Eric Birling the Most important character in An Inspector Calls?

He is an important character as one of J.B Priestley's themes was RESPONSIBILITY and he showed this all throughout the play as he seemed awkward and embarrassed he was also a hardened drinker. He is a thief and he later feels the guilt of this when he realises he contributed in encouraging Eva Smith's death and that he was the father of her unborn child. By the end of the play Eric had taken responsibility for his actions along side Sheila. this signifies hope as Sheila and Eric are the younger generation in the play so this shows that we can use our talents to help have responsibility on others.

What has the author Eva Smith written?

Eva Smith has written: 'Straffeproces' -- subject(s): Criminal procedure

How does priestly create sympathy for Eva smith?

When Eva Smith is presented to the audience by the Inspector, she is immediately shown to be the victim of the play. The Inspector highlights and describes how each of the members of the Birling family including Gerlad Croft has used Eva Smith and bought not but pain and sadness. The Inspector shows that each character has victimized her and that each of them has a part to play and a partly responsible for her death. The Inspector soon shows us that he thinks she is a victim as he describes her as "A pretty, lively sort of girl, who never did anybody any harm." The used of the adjective ''pretty'' creates a really intense sympathy towards Eva Smith which could connote that she was a really welcoming innocent low class statues. The Inspector tries to make each family member, including Gerald Croft, guilty for how they have treated Eva Smith. This is because Eva Smith in this play was representing the lower class working people and shows clearly how much they had to go through because of the rich, in this case the Birlings and Crofts.