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Madam C.J Walker claimed that a man appeared to her in a dream and told her how to make a product to cure baldness. She also experimented with other products already on the market. She was not the first person to create hair care products for black women. Obviously women in ancient Africa, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Middle East and Asia had been styling their hair and using their own concoctions for centuries before Madam Walker was born.

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Q: How did Madam CJ Walker discover her hair products?
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What is madam cj walker hair line name?

what is madam cj walker hair line name Madam C. J. Walker's hair products

What did madam cj walker event?

hair products

What are all of the products that madam c.j walker invent what else did madam c.j walker invent?

she invented hair products for black people

What did madam cj walker accomplish?

earned hair products

What hair products did madame c j walker have?

Her original products were a vegetable shampoo and what she called "Madam Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower."

What did Madam CJ Walker do to be famous?

She produced and sold hair products.

What is madam c j walker greatest invention?

Hair products

What business did Madam C.J. Walker run?

madam cj walker own company called the walker factory.

When did madam C.J Walker invent her hair care products?

She invented them in 1905.

Why are hair products important?

because if we didn't have hair products we would be looking a mess which we did before madam c.j. walker invented hair products

Why did madam cj walker invent the scalp treatment?

Madam Cj Walker invented scalp treatment in 1867.

Why did madam cj walker start inventing hair products?

she start to invent hair care products for black women