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mainly boys are more athletic than girls because we are faster stronger and sometimes healthier no offense to girls

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Q: How are gender characteristics related to sport?
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Gender in sport?

i think it mean i'm not sure but i think it means people with different gender doing sport.

What gender dominates the sport?


What are five characteristics of a good sport?

5 characteristics of a good sport are run, run, run, run and sweat.

What are some demographic characteristics?

Age and gender

What are the characteristics of gay and lesbian people?

Being sexually and romantically interested in persons of the same gender as your self, and not the other gender. Otherwise, there are no distinguishing characteristics.

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What is the difference of gender and feminism?

Gender refers to characteristics assigned to masculinity or femininity. Feminism is the movement to bring about gender equality.

What is the gender of sodium?

Sodium does not have a gender as it is an element. Elements do not possess biological characteristics such as gender.

What gender dominates the sport Disc Golf?

both genders

Is there gender equity in tennis?

Is there gender EQUALITY in anything? As far as gender equity, I would assume it would be how much he/she puts themselves into the sport of tennis...

Why is badminton a sport that can be enjoyed regardless of gender strength or age?

Not all people like badminton but it can be a healthy sport to play.

What are demographic characteristics?

Age and gender