Does khalil madovi have a girlfriend?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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no but he has friends that are girls.

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Q: Does khalil madovi have a girlfriend?
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Who is tapiwa madovi?

Khalil Madovi's Father

What school does khalil Madovi go to?

Khalil Madovi actually goes to Manchester Grammar School.

How tall is Khalil Madovi?

Khalil Madovi Aka Josh CarterHe is officially 5"11

is khalil madovi muslm?

Khalil Madovi is a popular and talent Actor from.England, based on research it is unidentified his religious background.

Does khalil madovi have a bursary for mgs?


Where does Khalil Madovi come from?

Jamaica and Zimbabwe !

What glasses does khalil madovi wear?


When is khalil madovi's birthday?

His birthday is on the 10th of November 1997.

Does khalil madovi known Josh carter from 4 o'clock club live in Manchester?


Does khalil kain have a girlfriend?

does Khalil have a girlfriend?

Does Khalil Sharieff have a girlfriend?

No Khalil Armir Sharieff does NOT have a girlfriend at the moment :)

Do khalil have a girlfriend now 2011?

NO . Khalil does not have a girlfriend in 2011 yet .