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A daughter name ryelle rondo.

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yes they r they have a daughter together

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Q: Does Rajon Rondo and her gilfriend Ashley Bachelor has a daughter or a son?
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Who is rondo's girlfriend?

Rajon Rondo's girlfriend is Ashley Bachelor.

What is Rajon Rondo's girlfriend's name?

Ashley bachelor

Who is rejion rondo wife?

Rajon Rondo's girlfriend is Ashley Bachelor.

How did Ashley Bachelor and Rajon Rondo meet?

They met in college when he went to University of Kentucky

Who is rajon rondo girlfriend?

Ashley Bachelor....but I've never seen her w/him

What is the name of rajon's daughter?

Ryelle is Rajon Rondo's daughter name.

Did Rajon Rondo break up with his girlfriend?

Yea I think so I never see them together anymore

Do rajon rando have a baby?

Yes he has a girl baby with his girlfriend named Ashley .

Is rajon rondo a virgin?

no, he has a daughter names Ryelle

Does Rajon Rondo have a child?

yes he has a daughter named ryelle

How old are rajon' rondos kids?

He has one daughter, Ryelle. She is 3.

Does rajon rondo have a wife?

Its either wife or girlfriend. He has a daughter with her too