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Q: Do you have pictures of all of the belts Floyd mayweather has?
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Who are the richest boxers of all time?

fire and ice

What religion is Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Jr is a Christian.

Are Floyd mayweather jnr's kids all from the same mother?

Josie Harris is the mother of 3 of Mayweather's kids

Is Floyd Mayweather scared to fight Manny?

Yes-he is very scared-all talk and no action

Is Floyd mayweather the greatest boxer of all time?

Undoubtedly he is up there among them, but it is largely a matter of opinion.

Who won the marquez mayweather fight?

Floyd Money MayWeather in the 12 round by judge decision

How much did victor ortiz make in his last fight against floyd mayweather?

alot all i know is that victor ortiz got to million and i think mayweather got 60

Will Floyd Mayweather fight Logan Paul?

It’s still up in the air as to whether or not this high-profile match between boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul will actually take place, but Paul has been openly vocal about wanting to fight Mayweather, who has yet to officially respond to the request.

Was the mayweather fight against paul wight fake?

Some shots were real some shots were fake. Mayweather body punches and chairshots to the head were real but the brass knuckled punch that knocked the Big show out was fake. oh and The slap to the chest was definitely real.

Who is the highest paid athelte?

According to Forbes magazine, the highest paid actor in 2014 was Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He made all his money from fights and no endorsements.

Who is better manny pacman or Floyd mayweather?

Let's hope and pray (if you believe in God) that this fight happens real soon. But to answer your question, Manny is probably the technical better all rounder but Floyd has the greater foot and hand speed.

Will Floyd mayweather be on fight night round 4?

YES No Pretty Boy Floyd Money Mayweather will not be on Fight Night Round 4. I have the demo downloaded from PlayStation Network. In it the have a section showing all of the boxers a-z. Mayweather is not one of them. It's true he won't be part of the game that's shipped out, but EA will include him in a free Download because they didn't have time to put him in the original game. It shouldn't be too long before it's released.