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Yes --- And it was a three year contract.

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Q: Did Messi sign a contract for Herbalife?
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Does Lionel messi have any sponsors?

Herbalife International

Is herbalife bad for you?

Herbalife is being used by top athletes (Leo Messi, David Beckham), would their doctors put their precious bodies into risk? I don't think so. Good for top athletes? Good for you.

When is messi out of contract?

after 20 years

When does Lionel Messi's contract end?


Who sponsors Lionel messi?

Messi's main sponsorship agreement is with Adidas which pays him an estimated $4 million annually. He also has a major deal with Herbalife. He has a few smaller deals with Konami, Pepsi, Chery and KFC.

How did Messi get is the Argentinian soccer team?

by signing a his contract in a poor restaurant. The contract was a napkin

What was Lionel messi contract?

He has a contract until 2016 with a buy-out clause of €250million included.

Will Liverpool sign Lionel messi?


Is Lionel Messi Jewish?

No, he does the sign of the cross every time he scores a goal.

What is the implication of Please sign here on a contract with a company?

A company will supply a service if you sign a contract with them. If you do not agree then do not sign. If you do sign, you are required to fulfill the terms of the contract.

When was Herbalife created?

Herbalife was created in 1980.

How will you sign your contract?

I will sign it with my full name after throughly reading the contract.