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Q: Celtic players who wore the number 8 shirt?
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Who wore the number 9 shirt when Celtic won the European cup?

Steve chalmers

What number did Danny McGrain wear on his shirt at Celtic?

no number as the Celtic strips McGrain wore didnt have numbers.he did have number 2 on his shorts though

Who wore number 7 for Celtic in 2009?

Many people answer this question with "Jimmy Johnstone" but this is wrong, No one wore the number seven shirt, as Celtic did not wear numbers on their shirts back then, they wore their sqaud numbers on their shorts Jimmy Johnstone did wear the number 7 that day, but on his shorts

Who wore the Liverpool number 10 shirt in the 1980's?

Ian Rush wore the number 10 shirt for Liverpool

What was henrik larsson's number when he played with Celtic?

Celtic legend Henrik Larsson wore No. 7 :o)

What Boston Celtic player wore number 42?

Tony Allen

What is Roberto Clemente's shirt number?

He wore #21.

Who has worn the number 8 shirt for Manchester united?

Recently the players who wore number 8 was Paul Ince, Nicky Butt, Wayne Rooney, Anderson and now the current number 8 will be Juan Mata

Who wore the number 9 shirt in wolfsburg?

your chode you man

What was the number on T shirt wore by waqar younis?


Who wore the the number 7 shirt for Liverpool?

Luis Suarez currently wears the number 7 shirt for Liverpool.

Celtic players who wore the number 7 shirt?

This was the famous (or infamous) "slaughter in the sun" on October 19th 1957 when Celtic thrashed Rangers 7-1.Celtic: Beattie, Donnelly, Fallon, Fernie, Evans, Peacock, Tully, Collins, W McPhail, Wilson, MochanRangers: Niven, Shearer, Caldow, McColl, Valentine, Davis, Scott, Simpson, Murray, Baird, HubbardScorers: Celtic: Mochan 2, McPhail 3, Wilson, Fernie pen. Rangers: Simpson.