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Well I think it all depends how big this tournament is. I've been to many many local tournaments and been to 2 national championships and wow that's amazing. So for a small local tournament I would go with- I want to welcome all men and women of our (insert your local league sanction, APA, TAP, NAPA ect. )example (APA) league. We are here to enjoy the art of pool, make friends, and have a great time. Aim where you shoot, and shoot where you aim and you just might win! To all, have a fun night.

Now for a larger pool tournament like regonals or nationals. I would go with some thing like this

Welcome to our ( sanctioned league ), for example. .

Welcome to our 14th national (APA,TAP, ect.) championships contest. Please give a warm welcome to our sponsor- example (Mr smith). Clap, clap, clap. Disregarding ratings, every member has fought your way here and has a passion for billiards. Dedicated individuals are the ones that stand out from the rest. we want you to have fun and play fair. Now let's PLAY SOME POOL.

These 2 is what I would start off with now you can tweak those to your preferences but over all These 2 should get the results your wanting hope that helps.

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Q: Can you give samples of opening remarks speech for billard pool tournament?
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