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Q: Are virat and maanvi are real life patners?
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What is the number of Virat kohli?

virat kohli real phone number

What is virat kholi like in person?

Virat kohli is a very kind hearted person in real life. He is a very good cricket player. He is a right handed batsman as well.

Are Randy Orton and edge real tag team patners?

no.they hate each other

Are virat and viren real brothers?


What is the real name of virat name?

i dont no

Are viren and virat are real brothers?


Which is Virat Kohli's favourite football team?

Real Madrid is Virat Kohli's favorite football (soccer) team.

Is sanjana was virat kholi real girl friend?

i think she is best

What is the real name of virat in ek hazaron main meri behna hai?

kushal tandon

What is the real name of Virat in ek hajaroon mein meri bahena hain?

Kushal Tandon

What's the virat kohli phone number?


What is a real life example?

Real life is a real life example!