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Q: Are Tony Modra ex AFL player and Kieran Modra Comm games cyclist related?
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When was Kieran Modra born?

Kieran Modra was born on 1972-03-27.

When was Modra Observatory created?

Modra Observatory was created in 1988.

When was Modra lasta created?

Modra lasta was created in 1954.

What is the population of Modra Stena?

The population of Modra Stena is 257.

What nicknames does Magdalena Modra go by?

Magdalena Modra goes by Magda.

When was Tania Modra born?

Tania Modra was born on 1975-01-14.

When was Tony Modra born?

Tony Modra was born on 1969-03-01.

Who is Tony Modra's cousin?

Any child of the brother or sister of Tony Modra's parents is his cousin.

The only Adelaide crows player to kick 100 goals for the seaon?

Tony Modra kicked 129 goals in 1993

Modra is what language for mother?

I searched a bit on Wiktionary; according to this source, the word "modra" (with different variations with respect to diacritical marks) exists in some languages, but doesn't seem to mean "mother"."Modar", on the other hand, means "mother" in Old Saxon.

How many goals did tony modra kick in the AFL?

13 goals, and I think he did this on two occasions

What movie and television projects has Magdalena Modra been in?

Magdalena Modra has: Played Candidate for Assistant in "Czego sie boja faceci, czyli seks w mniejszym miescie" in 2003. Played Magda in "Polisz kicz projekt... kontratakuje" in 2006. Played Woman in club in "Francuski numer" in 2006. Played Student in "Fenomen" in 2010. Played Prostitute in "Piksele" in 2010. Performed in "Jak sie pozbyc cellulitu" in 2011.