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Q: What style of drawings does Michael Craig-Martin do?
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What is a good Photoshop for manga anime style drawings?

photoshop illustrator

What is the style of still life drawings?

First of all: If you mean paintings, do not call them drawings, they are different things! Still-lifes can be any style: Naive, realistic, romantic, impressionistic, expressionistic, pop... You name it!

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Though fanart Pokemon drawings are open to debate, the official art for the Pokemon series is considered to be in the anime/manga style.

What style of art did Pablo Picasso produce?

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for people who doesn't know how to draw graffiti [wicked style]here are some steps it can helpyour drawing should be 3Dyour drawings can also be big if you wantyour drawings should be wicked and rocky[creative and imaginary]

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What is the theme of Michael Craig martin's work?

Michael Craig Martin draws observational line drawings and then puts them together and makes them connect which gives of an effect. He adds loads of different colour's to make it stand out and makes it look funky. He also does that to add effect.So his theme is random drawings

Why does Michael Jackson do a funny dance?

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