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He would certainly have a puncher's chance! Most sane mma fighters would just clinch him or take him down for an easy submission though.

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Q: Would Mayweather win in a UFC fight?
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Who would win in a fight a UFC or wrestler?

a ufc would win because wwe is sometimes fake.

Did Miguel Cotto win his last fight?

Miguel Cotto did NOT win the Mayweather/Cotto fight! Yes!

Who would win in a boxing fight mayweather or el canelo?

I Think that "El Canelo" would win that fight here is why i know that canelo can do it plus he will be and in my mind he already is the best pound for pound boxer in boxing he will beat mayweather be cause el canelo is fast,i love his countering punches,i loves his speed and i know canelo can knock out cold mayweather

Who would win the fight between Mayweather and Paquiao?

Mayweather... Is to big to smart and his skill level his to much for Paquiao. Paquiao is super fast but his balance will put him in the danger zone... mayweather in 12 rounds 117-113.

Whose going to win the fight today mayweather or pac man?

pac man

How many win tell a title fight in the ufc?

The minimum a fighter can make for a title fight in the UFC is $40,000.

Did frank mir win his last fight?

No. Frank Mir did not win his last fight. His last fight was against Junior Dos Santos at the UFC 146 event. Dos Santos defeated Mir by TKO (Punches) in the second round of the fight. The fight was for the UFC Heavyweight Title that was held by Junior Dos Santos. Mir was unable to beat Santos to win the title.

Is mayweather win being reviewed?

No its not. It was within the legal rules of the fight. Ortiz took it among himself to hug and thing the fight wasn't continuing.

Where do you fight at to get in the ufc?

You must do amateur fights to compete in the ufc. And you must win 6 amateur fights without losing any to compete in -The Ultimate Fighter.-

What would win between a large dog and a professional UFC fighter?

It really does depend on the breed of dog, but in most cases the professional UFC fighter would win.

Did silva win at UFC 125?

Silva did not fight at the UFC 125 event. He fought at UFC 126 where he defeated Vitor Belfort for the Middleweight Title. The main event of UFC 125 was Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard for the UFC Lightweight Title which ended in a Draw.

Who will win ufc fight Cain vs jr 2?

The fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos was held in the UFC event - UFC 155 that happened on 29th December 2012. The fight was the main event of the night and was for the UFC heavyweight championship Jr. Dos Santos was the champion heading into the fight and Cain Velasquez was the no.1 contender. The fight lasted a full 5 rounds in which Cain Velasquez was declared the winner by "Unanimous Decision"