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Football players play football, Basketball players play basketball, fighters fight.... quite simply it's their choice.

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Q: Why do UFC fighters have to fight?
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How much do UFC fighters get for a title fight?

The minimum a fighter can make for a title fight in the UFC is $40,000.

Can UFC fighters fight in pride mode?

Yes, they can.

How do UFC fighters make a fight?

Joe Silva is the UFC Match Maker and He selects the fights and most of the Time both fighters would agree to fight

What diseases do UFC fighters get when the fight?

UFC fighters do not contract any diseases from other fighters when they fight because all participants are tested for contagious diseases. A fighter can get infections from cuts or a concussion though.

Can UFC fighters fight outside the cage?

yes they fight at pride sometimes

Where can you find replica fight shorts that ufc fighters wear?

What is the clothing the UFC fighters wear?

Fight shorts, gloves, mouthpieces, and cups.

Is mike brown in UFC undisputed 2009?

No WEC fighters are in UFC Undisputed, as they are not UFC fighters.

How much fighters are there in the UFC?

There Are Approximately 218 Fighters In the UFC Currently.

How many fighters are in the UFC?

There Are Approximately 218 Fighters In the UFC Currently

How do you make a MMA record for created fighters ufc undisputed 2009?

Fight with him in career mode.

Did brock lesnar beat all the ufc fighters?

Actually No. Lesnar has lost 3 of his 7 fights in the UFC. His losses were against the following 3 fighters: a. Frank Mir - His first fight in the UFC b. Cain Velasquez - Lost the UFC Heavyweight Title c. Alistair Overeem - Retired after this fight He also won 4 fights in the UFC including his win against Randy Couture which made him the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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