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No WEC fighters are in UFC Undisputed, as they are not UFC fighters.

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Q: Is mike brown in UFC undisputed 2009?
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What video game is better UFC undisputed2010 or UFC 2009 Undisputed?

UFC Undisputed 3

Are there cheat codes for UFC undisputed 2009?

Only 1 cheat code is made for UFC 2009 Undisputed. And that was "Play as Skyskrape"

Is UFC 2009 undisputed good?

yes it is

What is the best xbox360 game to get in 2009?

It is UFC undisputed 2009

When does UFC Undisputed come out?

May 19th 2009

When is the UFC 2009 Undisputed demo coming out?


Is ufc 2009 undisputed made for ps2 plus?

No it is not.

Can you play 4 player UFC 2009 undisputed?


Is there a UFC game for xbox 360?

Yes. Currently the only one available is UFC: Undisputed 2009.

Does UFC undispudid 2009 play for Wii?

UFC Undisputed 2009 is available only on PS 3 & X-Box 60.

Is gina carano in UFC undisputed 2009?

No she is not, she is signed to the Strikeforce roster

How must does UFC undisputed 2009 cost?

$60.00 plus tax