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Generally, Pro wrestlers have an advantage in pure strength, max out weight, etc. UFC fighters have an advantage in stamina, pound for pound strength. One major disadvantage UFC has is their max weight class being Heavyweight topping out at 265 lbs

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Depends on who the Wrestler is and who the MMA fighter is

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Q: Who wins match pro wrestler or mma fighter?
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What is a decision in MMA?

a decision in mma is when neither fighter wins and the fight goes to the last round and the judges decide who wins the bout.

Is josh barnett an arm wrestling champ?

No he's an MMA fighter and Catch wrestler.

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Professional wrestler,boxer,mma fighter.

Who wins the ultimate fighter 7?

Amir Sadollah defeats All-American wrestler C.B. Dollaway to win the season7 of the UFC's reality show the Ultimate Fighter. With little MMA experience and a lot of heart Amir submits Dollaway by armbar from the bottom.

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The record holder for most wins in the MMA, according to all three sources is – Travis β€œThe Ironman” Fulton, a 42-year old American MMA fighter whose career began way back in 1996. Fulton does not only have the most wins in MMA history, he's also the current record holder when most career fights are concerned.

Is Ivan moody a mma fighter?

ha - no.... most definitely not. wh ile he is a big fan of mma, he is not a mma fighter.

When was MMA Pro Fighter created?

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Is Jackson colt a real mma fighter?

Actually, Jackson Colt is an real MMA fighter.

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How much does brock lesnar bench?

Brock Lesnar can bench more than 600 pounds at a time. Brock Lesnar is a professional wrestler and MMA fighter.

Is montie clawson an MMA fighter?


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