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GSP vs Nick Diaz UFC 158

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Q: Which is the best GSP fight in UFC?
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Who won UFC 124 gsp or koscheck?

GSP won. The fight went the distance and he won by unanimous decision.

Who is the best in the UFC?

GSP all the way baby!!

How tall is gsp?

gsp is 5"10 and he is a ufc fighter

Who won in the UFC 129 gsp vs shield?

The fight between Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields was the main-event of the UFC 129 event. GSP Won the match by unanimous decision to retain his Welterweight Championship. The co-main event of the event UFC 129 was the fight between Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick in which Aldo defeated Hominick to defend his Featherweight Championship.

What are a few UFC dream fights?

There are allot of talk of gsp vs silva or gsp vs diaz me personaly what were to happen if gsp faced Royce gracie!

Who did Georges St-Pierre fight last?

GSP's last fight was against Johny Hendricks a couple of weeks ago at the UFC 167 PPV. GSP got a hard fought decision victory after 5 rounds. The judges gave him a split victory decision with 2 of th 3 judges giving GSP the win

When is george st pierre's next fight?

GSP Next fight hasn't been announced yet. He has fought and defeated all the top contenders in the UFC's Welterweight division. His most recent fight was against Nick Diaz at the UFC 158 in March 2013 which he won by unanimous decision. His next fight will be announced soon by UFC and made known to the public.

How much does gsp make?

GSP is the current UFC Welterweight champion and makes a lot of money. The amount of money he makes through endorsements and sponsorships is unknown however an approximate amount that he made through his UFC fights can be found out. In 2009-10 it was said that GSP earned an approx. $400,000 per fight without his win bonus. The exact figure that he is earning now is unknown.

What was GSP's entrance song for UFC 124?

Désolé By Sexion D'assaut

Did georges st Pierre win koshcheck?

Yes. Georges St-Pierre defeated Josh Koscheck during the one fight they had. The fight happened at the UFC 124 event and it lasted a full 5 rounds. The fight was close but GSP won the fight by unanimous decision. The fight was also declared the fight of the night of the UFC 124 event.

What are the release dates for UFC Ultimate Insider - 2012 Sanchez Condit GSP 1-102?

UFC Ultimate Insider - 2012 Sanchez Condit GSP 1-102 was released on: USA: 14 February 2012

Who was the highest paid fighter in the world ever?

GSP is the highest paid UFC fighter?

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