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a Reverse blade sword is a alternate or a katana blade with the sharp part curved inward and the flat dull part as the original sharp edge

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Q: What is a reverse blade sword?
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What is an reverse blade sword?

The sharp side is opposite where you would normally expect it, while the normal cutting side, is the wide unsharpened portion of the blade.

Synonym for sword?


What was mordred's sword?

Mordred's sword was Clarent known as the cowards blade.

What is a double edged sword?

A double edged sword is a sword, with a blade that can cut with both edges.

Is a relic blade stronger than the power sword?

yes, the relic blade is a 2 handed, strength 6 power sword

What is the best weapon on adventure quest worlds?

I think that the best weapon/sword is the ancient god hammer from citadel above sword haven go there and check it out the best weapon/sword to me is Gia Blade and Sword of Creation, From Gia Blade buy from Yulgar, then the Sword of Creation is dropped by Creature Creation. Thats my best sword but the noobish sword is Dragon Khan Blade

Is there a sword called cruel blade of cruelty on aqworlds?

No but there is a sword called cruel hydra blade there may be others but i dont know them yet

What is a synonym for 'sword'?

Sword: A cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard. Synonyms: blade, brand or steel

What is the name of marth's sword?

Blade of Light.

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What is the other term for blade?

sword,or cutlass.

What happened to batosi the manslayer in Rurouni Kenshin?

rurouni kenshin was the battosai. he decided not to kill anyone anymore so stopped going by that name and get a reverse blade sword. he died of leprosy