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There are none. Unless it's like Karate or something. But western kickboxing has no belts. No western Martial Arts have belts.

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Q: What colour are the belts in kick boxing?
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What is the color order for belts in Kick boxing?

There's-RedYellowOrangeGreenBluePurpleBrownBrown 2nd tabBrown 3rd tabBlack

Is kick boxing fake?

No kick boxing is not fake.

What is the difference between boxing and kick boxing?

boxing use hands. Kick use both.

Is kick boxing real or fake?

Kick boxing, also called Muay Thai, is very real.

How do you spell kick boxing in Spanish?

Hod do you sell kick boxing in spanish

What is kick boxing called in Japan?


Is kick boxing arobic or anerobic?

Kick boxing is arobic. The difference is in kick boxing you are all ways movng for a long period of time. If kick boxing was anearobic you would only fight for a half minute or a full minute.

Who receives the boxing belts from boxing?

The champion from each weight class in each boxing organization.

What sports were londsadale belts awarded?


Where does kick-boxing rank in popularity as a sport?

KICK-Boxing? Without a doubt not in the top 10. Football, Boxing, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, NASCAR, INDY Racing. Are all more popular than Kick-Boxing. If you are just talking about BOXING, and not KICK-Boxing than Boxing would rank 4th (Football, Baseball, and Basketball would be ahead) Around the world it would rank 3rd (Soccer and Basketball)

Can you kick in normal boxing?

"yes it is boxing" No, this answer is massively incorrect - you CANNOT kick in normal boxing (specifically the Marquis of Queensbury style). However, there were kicks (akin to straight push kick) and throws ("cross buttock" akin to a hip-throw) in bareknuckle boxing in earlier centuries

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