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Central Pennsylvani Youth Ballet, in Carlisle PA Central Pennsylvani Youth Ballet, in Carlisle PA Central Pennsylvani Youth Ballet, in Carlisle PA

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Q: What are the best ballet schools in the United States?
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What is the best site to get cheap ballet accessories?

Discount Dance is really good--- .

What is best selling single malt scotch in the UK?

In the United States, it will be one of the following: Glenlivet, Glen Fiddich, or McCcallen.

What is the best singing school in the US?

It really depends on what instrument you are applying for and what program. However, the Julliard School, Columbia, Michigan, and the University of Oregon are among the best in the United States. Not to mention, the new school, a jazz division of New York University.

How many ballerina painting did Edgar Degas paint?

To which of Degas' works of ballet do you refer? To my knowledge, Degas is best known for paintings, drawings and bronzes of ballerinas and race horses. I am not familiar with a work specifically entitled "Ballet Girl", but would welcome an opportunity to be enlightened.

Am I ready for en pointe dancing if you have only danced ballet for 2 years but practices every day for an hour and is fexiable age 13 and has strong ankles?

Unfortunately, not. I am 12 and have danced ballet since I was 2, and I dance all the time, but I am still not ready to go on pointe. I will be going on pointe soon, but until then I am working on the strength of my ankles. 2 years dance experience sadly, isn't enough. I was very impatient when I was growing up, wanting to go on pointe, and I nearly gave up ballet. But don't give up ballet just because you aren't ready for pointe shoes, as ballet flats are still as good. If you are really serious about ballet, and you want to go on pointe in the next two/three years, tell your dance teacher that you are keen to push on and explain to her/him that you will work hard to progress. I wish you all the best with your ballet.

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School of American Ballet

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Is ballet Austin one of the best ballet schools in the us?

Ballet Austin is a very good ballet school and is connected to a professional ballet company. There are ballet schools that are better, like the school of merican, Ballet Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet,etc., but Ballet Austin is for sure very good. If you are dancing there and you are willing to work hard you do have potential then to dance professionally. If you're dancing their I strongly reccomend attending Ballet Austin II and then maybe you will be able to dance professionally with Ballet Austin if that is what you wish. I included it in my list of top best ballet academies in the world. Go to:

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Where is the best ballet school for adult beginner in sydney?

Adult Ballet Studio Anastasia's Russian Ballet School Google these schools for more information, but these both look very good. Also, I strongly suggest using google maps and typing ballet schools in the search engine so, you can see other ballet shcools nearby. Good luck!

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