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Wrestling, as you would see in the Olympics, etc, is a part of UFC fighting, but UFC fighting also contains other elements of fighting, including kickboxing and various styles of groundfighting. If you are asking if the UFC is the same as WWE, no, it is not scripted in any way.

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Q: Is ufc wrestling
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What is the best combo of styles in ufc undisputed 2009?

For A begginer the best would be Boxing and Wrestling But for expierenced it woulde be Muy Thuai and Wrestling

Is ken shamrock coming back to the UFC?

No. Ken Shamrock is not coming back to the UFC. Shamrock is one of the most popular UFC fighters and has been one of the pioneers who made the sport popular across the globe. But, he is currently old and is not in the best shape of his career. So, he would not be able to return to the UFC. However, there are rumors that he wants to return to professional wrestling and that he has contacted the WWE.

How many fights has Brock Lesnar been in in UFC?

The National Champion in wrestling, Lesnar made a positive impression in his first two UFC bouts against Frank Mir and Heath Herring, but at UFC 91 in November of 2008, he showed why he is the most feared fighters in the sport as he defeated Randy Couture to win the UFC heavyweight championship.

What is Lyoto Machida famous for?

Lyoto Machida is a mixed martial artist who fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He utilizes his training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shotokan Karate and Sumo wrestling in the ring. He is currently ranked #1 in his weight class in UFC.

What was ufc originally referred to as?

UFC has always been UFC

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What sport has the most violence in it?

boxing, wrestling, UFC.

Why brock lesner is not wrestling?

Because he didn't wanted to do pro wrestling any more and already got an offer from Ufc

What types of moves are there in UFC?

Anything, ju-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, etc...

What is the best combo of styles in ufc undisputed 2009?

For A begginer the best would be Boxing and Wrestling But for expierenced it woulde be Muy Thuai and Wrestling

Are there any wrestling federations which don't have fake wrestling?

RPW- Real Pro Wrestling is about the closest. The UFC promotion is also close, but you were asking about Wrestling, not mixed martial arts.

Where is Brok Lesner?

After leaving the WWE in 2004 he wrestled for two years with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He was with the NFL for a year. He joined the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) in 2008. He had some health issues but is now fully recovered and is ready to enter the octagon ring of the UFC

Is Brock Lesnar joining UFC?

Brock Lesnar has been joined UFC and he's a former two time UFC world heavyweight champion, he's now retired from MMA and back in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Is wrestling a planned out event?

Yes it's scripted and rehearsed. "for the safety of the wrestlers" However; UFC matches are not.

Where is brock lenser former wwe wrestler?

He is currently working for UFC which is MMA which is kinda real wrestling

Is bobby lashly a UFC fighter?

No but he is trying to become an mma fighter although he is working on his boxing and wrestling

Has wrestling ever been real?

yes, the hitting in world wrestling federation [wwf] was fake but it was not planned out they would do what they want when they want and ufc is all real and so is boxing.

What is the death grip?

Well,...... it is a something used to incapacitatean enemy when your about to die. and it is a wrestling technique used in ufc and wwe.