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That is the pronunciation, but it is spelt oche. It is a darts term, referring to the line players stand behind when they are taking their throws.

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Q: Is ocky a term used in darts?
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Where does the name ocky come from in darts?

In early days players would often try to get a little closer to the board to improve their chances. They wre told "get back" in no uncertain terms and when the player had retreated far enough the ref would call"OK". This quickly became "ocky".

When was Ocky Clark born?

Ocky Clark was born in 1960.

In the game of darts what is thrown at the board Darts or Arrows?

Darts (Arrows is a slang term for darts... somewhere, I'm told. I don't think I ever heard it here in the States.)

What is an ocky strap?

its an elastic cord with a hook at either end traditionally used to secure a surf board to roof racks on a car

Can you use whistler darts in the gun recon?

No, only streamline darts. With some modification, other darts can be used.

What song was used in the 2009 darts world championship for planet darts?

The eye of the tiger

What type of Nerf darts can be used in Nerf alpha trooper?

streamline darts can only be used or else the gun jams

Who invented hand held darts?

Darts probably originate from projectile weapons, used by the Romans.

Can Nerf raider shoot whistler darts?

No, unfortunately due to the fact that the Raider CS-35 is a clip system blaster it only takes streamline darts and will jam if whistler darts and micro darts are used.

What is the song used in the world darts championship?

The song used after many darts games is 'Planet Funk' - 'Chase The Sun'

What was the medieval ballista used for?

used to aim wood, iron darts, and arrows

What kind of Nerf darts are there?

there are Nerf streamlines which are used in guns that take clips (not the magstrike), dart tags that have Velcro on the tip, sonic darts which whistle when they shoot, and suction darts that can stick onto walls