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This has actually become a controversy in the past few years. Back in the "old days," cheering was seen as a female activity, where girls would cheer for the boys, and that is all it was-- they would recite cheers and maybe do some dance moves. But in the past several decades, cheer-leading has become more of an athletic event. Boys and young men are participating, there are often acrobat routines that involve tumbling or jumping, and the possibility of injury is very real. In some schools and at some professional events, cheer-leaders are just very beautiful young women who are expected to lead the crowd in showing support for the team. But more and more, cheer-leading is turning into an elaborate spectacle, with participants not only reciting the cheers but doing gymnastic moves. So, yes, these days, it certainly looks to me like cheering has become an actual sport.

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Cheer-leading is a sport because, you have to lift, throw, dance and a whole lot of other things. Therefore it is a sport. It is a dangerous one also I have been dropped numerous times and it doesn't feel the best. Just because we don't shoot hoops or anything we cheerleaders are in a sport we throw girl up in the air same thing as a Basketball or football just a person and you have to make sure to catch then.

YES, CHEER IS VERY MUCH SO A SPORT. Competitive cheer is more of a sport than just sideline cheer. In competitive cheer you have to through someone in the air, AND catch them. You have to hold them there, make sure they don't fall, walk with them, etc. While sometime football players, or basketball players throw maybe a 5 pound ball and occasionally catch it. But, in cheer we 99.9% of the time catch the girl that can be up to 100 pounds! 20 times the size.

Just watch The Blind Side, they have the proper answer.

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I think Cheerleading is a very important sport. Because you learing and its making you important.

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The definiton of a sport is: an activity with rules or customs engaged in competitively. If you are talking about competitive cheer or competitive dance then yes that is a sport.

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How do you know that

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Q: Is cheerleading a good sport
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Cheerleading is great sport for kids. I used to do cheerleading and I had an amazing time. Most people dont think that cheerleading is a very athletic sport, but there's alot more to cheerleaders than screaming and jumping

Cheerleading sport or talent?

I think that that will depend on the person who you ask. I personally believe that cheerleading is a sport, because you have to be strong and agile, but for it to be a talent, only few could do it, which is not true. If you commit yourself to cheerleading, you could be good. I hope that helps. This is my first wikianswer.

How many schools have cheerleading as a sport?

There are thousands of schools across the country that have cheerleading, but very few consider it a sport. 17 of 50 states consider cheerleading a sport

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The definition of 'sport' is: "A physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively." Cheerleading is a physical activity, cheerleading is governed by a set of rules, and cheerleading is competitive. Therfefore, cheerleading is a sport.

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There is very little cheerleading at schools but there is cheerleading at professional sport games

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There is no official date of when cheerleading became a sport. This is because there is still much debate over its status as a sport

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it is a sport

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