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Q: A sports team that starts with an N and the mascot is a ram?
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What looks like a ram and name starts with a u?


What car company makes the ram?

The Dodge Ram is produced by the Chrysler Group .

What sports or sports team name starts with the letter r?

radiohead rare earth rascals raspberries Rolling Stones. Replacements. REM. Runaways. Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Rage Against the Machine. Rezillos. Ramones. Rush. Redbone. Reo Speedwagon. Roxy Music. Rainbow. Run DMC. Raincoats. Ruts. Rufus. Rubettes. Ronettes. Radio Birdman. The Romantics

What is the effect of RAM on a desktop publishing packages?

RAM is the computer's 'volatile' memory. Data is rapidly transferred in and out of the RAM (Random Access Memory) all the time. When the computer is switched off, the RAM is empty.Insufficient RAM capacity makes the computer run slower. Keyboard instructions take longer to have effect. Sometimes the screen freezes if things are getting really bad. More RAM, the easier and quicker it is for data to be processed by the PC.If the RAM gets temporarily full with data being processed, the system has to take alternative action, maybe by using unused space on your hard drive. All this takes extra time. It is better to have sufficient RAM in the first place. Many computers now have at least 2 GB of RAM, but with software, especially graphics packages, becoming more and more sophisticated, 4GB of RAM will soon become the norm.Find out how much RAM your PC has, and, if necessary, you can purchase RAM which can be slotted into your computer. It may not be too expensive. Enquire at a computer shop. Take your computer with you, if you can. It will help them determine the best type of RAM for your machine.

When did Georgia O'Keeffe paint 'Ram's Head'?

'Ram's Head, White Hollyhock, Little Hills' was painted in 1935.

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What is University of North Carolina's sports team name?

The University of North Carolina are the Tar Heels. The mascot is a Dorset Ram.

How did University of North Carolina get the rams as mascot?

The tarheels mascot is a ram. The reason why its a ram is because they used to have a player called the battering ram so a ram was better suited then a guy with a battering ram.

What is the Mascot for South Gate High School in California?

The Mascot is a Ram

What is the okc thunders mascot?

a ram

Why is University of North Carolina mascot called the Rams?

In 1924 the Univ of North Carolina did not have a mascot and the head cheerleader at the time Vic Huggins came up with the ram as a mascot after the star of the 1922 football team Jack Merritt. Jack's nickname during that time was "the battering ram" for the way he dove into the lines. See the link below for the complete story.

What is the mascot of university of Cambridge?

Waterloo Warriors are the mascot for the University of Waterloo.

Why is Derby Countys mascot a ram?

The club nickname The Rams, is a tribute to its links with The First Regiment of Derby Militia, which took a ram as its mascot and the song The Derby Ram as its regimental song, at the same time.

What college has a green and yellow ram as its mascot?

Cam the Ram is the mascot for Colorado State University. The school's colors are green and gold.

What is the mascot of the university of Rhode Island?

The mascot for the University of Rhode Island is a ram. They are called the "Rhody Rams"

What is the mascot of the University of Richmond?

Rameses which is a Ram, but we are called the Tarheels

What animal was the mascot of the US Naval Academy?

The Academy uses the Navy ram as a mascot.

School whose mascot is Rhody the Ram?

University of Rhode Island