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she will marry them

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Q: What is the contest of the bow and how will Penelope reward the winner?
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How is the contest of the bow and how will Penelope reward the winner?

she will marry them

What is the contest of the bow and how will penelop reward the winner?

she will marry them

Who does Penelope expect to win the bow contest?

The Beggar

Who did Penelope command to set the bow and iron axes for the wooers?

Eumaeus, the swineherd was commanded to set the bow and iron axes for the contest.

Why do you think Penelope devices the contest with the bow What does this contest reveal about her charterer?

Penelope devises the contest with the bow to test the suitors' strength and skill, as well as to buy time while she waits for Odysseus to return. This contest reveals Penelope's cleverness and resourcefulness, as she uses her wits to outsmart the suitors and maintain control over her fate. It also shows her loyalty and love for Odysseus, as she ultimately plans to reunite with him once he reveals his true identity.

In the Odyssey What contest does Penelope come up with?

For the suitors to string a bow through twelve loops. Though she only knows that Odysseus can do it.

Why does Penolope set up a contest to string the bow of Odyssys?

Remember that Penelope told her suitors that she will decide whom she will marry when she has finished weaving her gift to Odysseus' father. But one of her suitors found out that she unwove what she did every night. So, Penelope thought of a plan that would stall her decision-making and set up a contest. The contest was that of the man who could string the bow of Odysseus, she would marry. And the bow was known to be toughest to string. And rumors say that only a man as strong as Odysseus can string it. Of course, no one was able to string it except for Odysseus who was disguised as a hermit. And Odysseus killed all Penelope's suitors.

Bc bow contest nitrome cheats?

ALL CHARACTERS AT Bc bow contest nitrome

Who gave Odysseus his bow?

Odysseus killed the suitors with the bow that Iphitusonce had given him. He had inherited it from his father Eurytus of Oechalia, who in turn had received it from Apollo. This bow Odysseus, when going to war, would never take with him, but let it lay at home.During the contest to string the bow, the swineherd Eumaeus brings Odysseus his bow, after prompting from Odysseus, then Penelope, then Telemachus.

What does Penelope give her visitors?

Penelope tests her visitors by seeing who can string the bow and shoot it

What is the next cup on bc bow contest?

the next cup on bc bow contest is the tar cup and its out now!

What happens when Odysseus wins the contest?

In the Iliad, Odysseus enters multiple contests including wrestling and running during the funeral games for Patrochlus. After the events of the Iliad, during Achilles' funeral games, Odysseus enters a contest with Telemonian Ajax over who is the bravest Greek warrior. In the Odyssey, Odysseus enters a contest of who can string his bow and shoot an arrow cleanly through 12 axe handles. The prize to this contest is the hand of Penelope, his wife.