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they were naked Wrestling back then

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Q: How was wrestling in the Ancient Greece different from today's wrestling?
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What are three ways that ancient Greece culture is reflected in todays society?

olympics. architecture. politics( senate)

What are the contributions of Greek education to modern education?

Ancient Greece influenced much of todays education. This includes in the areas of arts, science, philosophy, and the idea that education shapes model citizens.

What signficances does Greece have in todays Olympics?

Olympia, Greece is the birth place for the Olympics in 776BC. It's were the tradition all started

Name of the kingdom north of Greece?

North of the ancient Greek kingdoms of Macedonia and Epirus (Greece) were the foreign kingdoms of Paeonia, Dardania to the north and to the west Illyria.

Ancient greek culture vs todays culture?

Ancient Greek culture was very different from today's culture. For example, the Greeks would take slaves, which is not very widespread in today's western culture.

How is greek culture reflected in today's society?

well, I know that the sports they played in Greece influenced todays Olympics.

What are some things ancient Greeks used that are still in use todays Olympics?

discus and the javelin discus and the javelin

What are some ways ancient Greek culture is reflected in todays society?

We still use many of the Olympic events that were used in Ancient Greece.

What affects did greek government have on todays government?

Ancient Greeks gave their citizens a right to vote.

How did ancient Greeks influence on todays fashion?

Gladiator sandals were very poopular in summer of 2010!

What is 748 in roman numerals?

Nowadays it is DCCXLVIII but the ancient Romans probably wrote it out differently to todays notation.

How are greek drama different from todays drama?

You have to mostly think about it