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Q: Why is the football team Notre Dame called the Fighting Irish when the cathedral Notre Dame is in France?
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What is the name of the famous cathedral in France called?

Notre Dame de Paris

What is regular soccer in french?

soccer is called football in France (as it is nearly everywhere in the world, except in the USA).The sport Americans call "football" is called in France: "football américain"

What is the cathedral in Paris called?

The Cathedral in Paris is called the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Those fighting with Great Britain and France in WW2 were called?

The Allies

In which World War did fighting stop in the trenches and both fighting sides play football?

It was during World War 1 that fighting stopped in the trenches and both fighting sides played football. It was called the Christmas Truce and took place in 1914.

What is the cathedral of Notre Dame?

It is a gorgeous cathedral in the center of both Paris, and France. It is situated on the island called "Ile de la Cite" (Island of the city) which is in the river called "La Seine" in the center of Paris, France.

What is the cathedral called that stands on the island in seine?

The Cathedral in question is Notre Dame Cathedral.

Where is the Notredane?

I think you are referring to 'Notre Dame' which is a cathedral in Paris, France. In English it means "Our Lady" referring to Mary, the mother of Jesus in Judeo-Christian faiths. Notre Dame is featured in the Victor Hugo novel and subsequent Disney cartoon "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." There is also a Catholic university in Indiana, U.S. called the University of Notre Dame which is known for its football program, whose mascot is the Fighting Irish.

What is the name of the cathedral?

Well, the cathedral next to Hyde Park in Sydney is called Saint Mary's Cathedral.

What is soccer called in Africa?

Soccer is Africa is called football. Same in france...its called "le foot" it is also the same in spain, in spanish its le foot ir something close to that.

What is France FC football nickname?

It is called The Les Blues or The Blues due to their blue jerseys.

What is the church in Seville called?

Seville Cathedral, aka The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Sea.