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wynand classen!

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Q: Who was the captain of the 1981 springbok team?
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Who was 2003 springbok team captain?

Corne Krige

What Springbok rugby team was Darius Botha in?

The 1981 team that toured New Zealand

When was the springbok tour?

1981 was when the springbok tour was

Who was vice captain of 1995 springbok rugby team?

Hannes Marais

Who is the captain for the south african's rugby team I want the answer to this question please?

John Smit, the most capped Test captain in history, was on Monday confirmed as Springbok captain for the 2011international season.

Who is the Springbok rugby captain?

Fourie du Preez

Who was the captain of the England cricket team in 1981?

it was the queen of englland

How did the springbok tor start?

well it started in 1960 and it ended in 1981

Which team won the 1981 vfl grand final who was the captain and who was the coach?

Carlton Did Mike Fitzpatrick was captain and David Parkin was coach.

What sports event divided new zealand opinion and caused protest marches in 1981?

1981 Springbok Tour

Who was the reserve fullback in the 1995 Springbok team?

Gavin Johnson

Which team did john smit debut as springbok captin?