Who is billy barker?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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William Billy Barker was a prospector who was famous for being one of the first to find a large amount of gold in the Caribou. He also founded Barkerville.

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Q: Who is billy barker?
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How much gold did Billy Barker find?

Billy Barker found 1,065kg of gold. Your welcome.

How long did Billy Barker's marriage last with Jane Lavender?

William Barker, also known as "billy barker' was married to Jane Lavender (his first wife) for 14 years.

When did billy barker die?


What nicknames did William George Barker go by?

William George Barker went by Billy.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Strange Tale of Billy Barker - 2011?

The cast of The Strange Tale of Billy Barker - 2011 includes: Byron Lambie

Should I name my webkinz moose Barker or Billy Barker?

billy barker. but honestly, i dont think either names are good. try....huh...try chocolate mouse, latte, woods, ect.

What is the airport code for Lt. Col W.G. - Billy - Barker VC Airport?

The airport code for Lt. Col W.G. - Billy - Barker VC Airport is YDN.

What was Billy Barker's interests?

Prospecting in British Columbia.

Who discovered or first identified Gold?

Billy Barker

Who was Billy Barker?

Billy Barker ( one of many ) was the prospector who first found gold in British Columbia- in the Cariboo. Founder of the historical city of Bakerville.Billy Baker was also a writer for the Boston Globe.

How was barkerville originally formed?

formed when billy barker struck gold

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