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The battle of Philadelphia began on the night of September 25, 1777. The British captured Philadelphia the following day and occupied the city until June 18, 1778.

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September 21, 1777

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Q: When did the british capture philadelphia?
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When was the Battle of Philadelphia?

There was a Philadelphia Campaign. It include an American evacuation of Philadelphia, a British capture and occupation, and a British evacuation followed by an American capture. There were many battles around Philadelphia. But there was no actual Battle of Philadelphia. (Google produced a result, which was an article entitled "The Battle for Philadelphia," but it was about the campaign, rather than a specific battle.) There is a link below to an article on the Philadelphia campaign.

How did the British use sea power to help them capture Philadelphia?

The British patrolled around New Jersey and Deleware where they cut off the American forces. Some British troops walked on foot and surrounded the American forces. The British also outnumbered the Americans. That's how they captured Philadelphia.

What year did the British troops capture Philadelphia?

To be better said 1777 - 1778 September 11, 1777 - June 28, 1778

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When did general howe capture philadelphia?

September 1777

Who capture the Ohio River Valley the British or Americans?


On what year did the English capture Philadelphia?

September 21, 1777

Where did William howe plan to capture the American capital?


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