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Switch hitter

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Q: What do you call a player that bats both left and right?
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What do you call a player that bats left-handed and throws right-handed?

You call him bats-left-throws-right. That's not very unusual at all. The other way around, however, is highly unusual. The only player who comes immediately to mind is Ricky Henderson. He was a southpaw who batted right. Strange, indeed.

Is soccer right or football?

their both right because U.S.A call soccer and England call football

What do you call a player that plays both sides of the field?

2 way

What is it call when two angles are both congruent and supplementary?

Right angles.

What do you call someone who plays with both right and left hand?


What do you call person who can write with both hands?

when somebody can right with both hands with equal strength then you call it ambidextrous and what a coincidence i am ambidextrous.

Is it correct to call it players database or player database or are both correct when a database consists of information about different players?

Both are correct.

What do you call the player on the team?

centerman wingman(right wing left wing) defenseman and goalie .

What do you call it when your listening to something and you can hear it from the right side or the left or both?

virtual or 3d sounds

What do you call a group of vampire bats?

Flying groups of bats are called colonies.

What do you call a word that spells something both ways?

A word or phrase that reads the same way from left to right or from right to left is called a palindrome.

Was Mickey Mantle left handed?

he was both right handed and left swinging. he is what you call a switch hitter.