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Steph curry is THE best baller of all time, on the Golden state warriors. number 30 is my lucky#

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Q: Is Stephen Curry of Davidson College good?
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Us Stephen curry a good shooter?

Stephen Curry is the best shooter of all-time. Stephen Curry is reinventing at shooting.

Who is better Ray Allen or Stephen curry?

Stephen curry. Stephen curry has more range and really good at 3 and 1s. Although Ralu Allen has more buzzer beaters stepjhen curry is just more better at pull ups and shooting off the dribble. I say it's steph curry.

Why does Ty Hansen a Denver Nuggets fan like Stephen Curry?

Well, you can be fans of more that one team, but it is probably just because Stephen Curry is so good at basketball, and Ty Hansen likes to see good basketball plays. (For further reference, this looks to be the source of the question:

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Is Stephan Curry a good basketball player?

Yes very good

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