Alfonso alvares de pineda

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alfonso Alvares De Pineda is a spanish explorer who found Texas, TX.

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Q: Alfonso alvares de pineda
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When was Juan de Pineda born?

Juan de Pineda was born in 1513.

When did Juan de Pineda die?

Juan de Pineda died in 1593.

When was John de Pineda born?

John de Pineda was born in 1558.

When did John de Pineda die?

John de Pineda died in 1637.

What is the population of Reforma de Pineda?

Reforma de Pineda's population is 2,691.

What is Pineda de Mar's population?

Pineda de Mar's population is 25,568.

What is Pineda de Gigüela's population?

The population of Pineda de Gigüela is 137.

When did Pedro Alvares cabral get married to Isabel De Castro?

Pedro Alvares Cabral married Isabel De Castro in 1503.

When was Alonzo De Pineda born?

Alonzo de Pineda was born on January 2, 1846.

When was Mariana de Pineda Muñoz born?

Mariana de Pineda Muñoz was born in 1804.

What is Pineda de la Sierra's population?

The population of Pineda de la Sierra is 127.

What is the area of Pineda de Mar?

The area of Pineda de Mar is 10.77 square kilometers.