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It could be New Castle United.

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Q: Against which club did Michael Owen score his 100th goal?
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Did Michael Owen ever score for man utd against Liverpool?

Michael Owen i doubt it he is always injured.

Against which country did Michael Owen score his first World Cup goal?


What team did Michael Owen score his wonder goal in 1998 world cup against?

west germany?

Did Michael Owen ever score for Liverpool at Old Trafford?

I think he scored against Man Utd in a 1-1 draw in 1998.

Who was the last player to score in a Manchester derby?

Michael Owen

Which team did Michael Owen score his last Liverpool goal against?

Competitively, Newcastle: 1-1 Last goal competitive/non-competitve, Roma: 2-1 (I believe)

Who made the long pass to Michael Owen for him to score the winner in the 2001 FA Cup final?

Patrick Berger

What happen to make Michael Owen catch the attention of the world?

Michael Owen is a player who will get goals for the club, he even scores with his head even though he is not tall. He is a good poacher stands at the right spot to score.

Can you tell me the Best goal Michael Owen has scored?

1998 world cup against Argentina

What has the author Michael Owen written?

Michael Owen has written: 'Michael Owen's soccer skills' -- subject(s): Training, Soccer

What colour hair Michael Owen has?

Michael Owen has black hair.

What team did Owen first play against for Manchester united in the premier league?

Michael Owen first played for Man Utd against Birmingham City, after coming off the bench for Dimitar Berbatov.