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GameCopyWorld provide a copy of the game football manager 2008, there are many options that we can choose dispersions along with other information that we can

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Q: Where can I get a copy of the game football manager 2008?
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How can you install football manager 2011 on Windows 8?

Football Manager 2011 is a popular football management simulator. To install the game on Windows 8 you must first buy a copy of the game.

Who was the developer of Football Manager 2009?

Football Manager is a simulation video game released for play on PC, Mac or Play Station Portable. The developer for Football Manager 2009 is Box Art Designs and it was released November 18, 2008.

Can you get a copy of an NFL football game?

To get a copy of a NFL football game, find someone who has recorded it and ask for a copy. You can even find the games online.

Which is the best football manager game?

Football manager series is the best. Probably football manager 2011 is the best as its up to date with all the transfers.

What is soccermanagercom?

It is a online football manager game

Can you have more than one assistant manager in the game Football Manager 09?


Is there a free football manager game online?


What amiga football manager game involved a built in board game?

Brian Clough's Football Fortunes

What is football manager 2013 resource archiver?

The 2013 football manager resource archiver is a system in the game Football Manager. To use the resource achiever you can extract graphics and make logos.

What is the best game...fifa manager 2009 or football manager 2009?

Football manager 2009 without a doubt. It may not have as good 3d engine but the game engine and all the aspects on the side are marverlous

What do you need to become a football league manager?

To be a football manager, you should have good knowledge of the football game, you should also also clear your manageral exams to get your licence.

What the name of that soccer game where your the manager and it cant be finished?

The name of the soccer game was football.

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