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form_title= Pilates Classes form_header= Enroll in a pilates class soon! Have you done pilates before?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure What do you hope to achieve with the class?*= _ What is your current exercise routine?*= _

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form_title=Pilates Classes form_header=10323 How would you like to benefit from pilates classes?*= [] Flexibility [] Strength [] Muscle tone [] Relaxation [] Stress reduction [] Other How would you describe your current level of experience?*= () Never tried () Beginner () Intermediate () Advanced Please specify the style of pilates you are interested in.*= [] Fletcher Pilates [] Stott Pilates [] Power Pilates [] Winsor Pilates [] Don't know

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Q: Pilates Classes
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Where can you take pilates classes in Memphis TN?

Push Pilates and The Pilates Place are just two of the many places in Memphis, Tennessee that offer pilates classes. Stott Pilates also offers classes.

Where can someone find aero pilates classes?

One can find Aero Pilates classes at the 'Studio Samsara Pilates' website. They allow one to download a PDF timetable of the classes. Classes can also be found on 'Aerocise-Pilates'.

Do gyms offer pilates classes?

Pilates classes have grown in popularity over the last several years and many gyms offer pilates classes for their clients. To find out if your particular gym offers classes, you will need to contact them.

What is the best Pilates exercise DVD?

Here is a link to a line of great Pilates video's

Can you still do pilates when you am pregnant?

It is possible to do Pilates while you are pregnant, but you should attend classes that are geared for expecting moms and taught by a qualified instructor. Normal Pilates classes may keep you on your back too much.

How old do you have to be to attend a pilates class?

Pilates classes are usually for older people who have a goal to be more flexible and in better shape. But, in most areas pilates classes should allow anyone to join who just wants to be fit.

Where can I take a pilates exercise class in Oklahoma City?

Try contacting They specialize in pilates classes.

What kinds of pilates classes or exercises are good for pregnant women?

Any classes that offer low impact by high movement are great for pregnant women. You want to avoid any high impact classes. Pregnant women can do pilates. For more information on pilates for pregnant women, visit and

What gyms offer pilates classes?

Nearly all gyms offer pilates classes. To find out if your gym offers them you can call, check their website or go and talk to the front desk associate.

What fitness chain offers the best fitness classes?

I know that curves offers some classes for women specifically like Aerobics and Pilates classes. As does LA Weight Loss, they have many programs and classes you can take, aerobics, water aerobics, pilates, etc.

How long does Pilates take?

Classes are anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

What type of shoes are best to wear to your pilates classes?

Pilates is usually done without shoes, but if you feel more comfortable wearing shoes then sneakers or running shoes would be comfortable to wear for Pilates.

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