Little Tikes Swimming Pool

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Any little tikes swimming pool should be made of durable, soft material. Make sure that the little tikes swimming pool holds enough water for the kids to have fun, but not enough to cause a safety hazard. The water should never come up to head level; about one foot of waterspace is enough.

Many little tikes swimming pool come with matching floaties, which provide an added protection. Look for deals online as well as for reviews of little tikes Swimming Pools that are currently on the market.

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Q: Little Tikes Swimming Pool
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The age ranges for the little tikes swimming pool are ages 2 to 6 years of age. The price of the pool is an estimate of $40 and up. Parents must supervise their children when the children are playing in the pool.

Can the little tikes swimming pool be purchased at Toys R Us?

Yes. Little Tikes Whale Slide Pool is available at Toys R Us. It costs 24.99 and can be shipped to you for free!

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Little Tikes no longer sell a swimming pool. They do have a water toy for children grade 5-8, called the Rocky Mountain River Race.

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