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sounds like a blister

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Q: Your son gets numerous tumor like bumps on his head you have taken him to the doctor--they are not tumors The bumps are filled with either a clear liquid or blood He plays football wears a helmet?
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Why does a football filled with helium travel further than a football filled with air?

Because Helium is lighter than air.

What is denser a softball or a football?

a softball. a football is filled with air, and air isn't very dense. obviously.

What is American football made of today?

Leather made out of cowhide and filled with air.

What is the medical term meaning genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys?

Polycystic kidney disease is the medical term meaning genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. Over time, these cysts interferer with kidney function.

What English football team is the only team in which the letters cannot be filled in?

Hull City

Why does your foot hurt when you kick a rock but not when you kick a football?

Because a football is filled with air, and when you kick it, the air becomes compacted allowing some give in the surface, not to mention that it is made of leather and rubber. A rock has no give, it is only filled with more rock.

Why the football called a ball?

It has the same purpose as any other ball. Either to catch it, throw it, kick it, or pass it. No matter the shape it's still a ball. Plus most balls have a soft nylon shell filled with air.

What is a membrane bound fluid filled sac?

i think its a vacuole or either a vesicle

What was Stretch Armstrong made of?

Latex and filled with either corn syrup or a granular solid.

Which gas is filled in football in international matches?

its hydrogen gas Thats why it is so light in weigh..

Which of the 2 outermost orbitals must be filled to satisfy the octet rule?

S and P orbitals are the 2 outermost orbitals that must be filled to satisfy the octet rule. Transition metals has the d orbitals that are either partially filled or unfilled.

What do atoms that have the s and p sublevels filled with eight electrons have?

Atoms, like Neon (Ne), that have the s and p sublevels filled with either electrons are said to have an "octet" of electrons.

Can children get filled with the Holy Spirit?

Since there is no evidence either way, that is a matter of what you wish to believe.

What part of the eye is filled with tiny hairs and fluid?

either the vitreous humor or aqueous humor

What does nautilis mean?

A mollusk with numerous tentacles, a horny beak, and a spiral shell with gas-filled chambers for buoyancy. Native to: South Pacific and Indian oceans.

How is rice prepared in china?

They get the rice from a local market and then either put it in a steamer of in pot filled with water!

How do you solve algebraic addition pyramids?

You look for places (triangles) where two of the three numbers are already filled out, and complete the third number, either by adding or by subtracting. Continue, until everything is filled out.

Is an NFL football filled with helium or air?

Umm...I believe it is air! If it were helium there would.....forget it, I'm not going there....

Is mercury still used in thermometers?

Yes. Most standard lab thermometers are either alcohol or mercury filled.

What's your favorite snack?

Either those pretzel sticks or Rugalah which is like a baby jelly filled Jewish cake-desert.

Can you take Ambien and imitrex?

If prescribed from the same doctor and filled at the same pharmacy, without objection from either, then yes.

What adjectives can be used to describe a chocolate?

Sweet, bitter, chewy, hard, soft-centred, liqueur, cream-filled ... the varieties are numerous. Buy a box of chocolates and read the descriptions!

What is the size of an NFL football?

An NFL size football is inflated to 7-9 lbs that's all i know. Update: Actually, a correctly inflated ball is filled with air to a pressure of 12.5-13.5 psi.

What is the meaning of Adriana?

Adriana means "musical" or "fun filled" , and/or a female "from the gods" which is a region in either central or northern Greece.

What happens to milk at the dairy?

Milk is passed through points so that any of the big impurities are sorted out. Then it is filled in tanks and is pasteurized in order to kill microorganisms and to make it pure . then it is either filled in respective storages for the sale.

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